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Offshore Companies

To set up an offshore company or relocate your existing business overseas is a crucial step toward internationalizing yourself and your assets.

There are a multitude of legitimate ways to structure your business interests overseas and realize significant benefits from an asset protection standpoint — as well as tax-standpoint.

For example companies such as Google and Apple have cut their taxes by billions of dollars by re-locating operations to tax-favorable jurisdictions.

Some businesses, such as an online business have no geographical limits as to how and where it can do business, so why then should your business be limited by a jurisdiction that is based on the old, geographically limited model? Whether your business is online or multi-jurisdictional, starting or converting to an offshore business is a great way to build streams of tax efficient income outside of your home country.

Other reasons may include;

  • Inflation becoming an issue, having an income stream overseas in a stronger currency can potentially be a very sound strategic decision.
  • Hyperinflation could become a real risk, with central banks all around the world printing new money, earning only a small part of your income in a different country could be create security and a hedge against currency devaluation.

A business based overseas, coupled with an offshore bank account, is the perfect medium through which you can do this.

We can assist in the procurement of both the company and the bank account and indeed in the procurement of Corporate Directors and Trustees.

After we have assessed your requirements and done the necessary due diligence, it would be possible to go through the whole incorporation process online in most jurisdictions, and you can often set up your offshore company in as little as a few days.