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Saving for retirement requires patience, skill and a mindful foresight. We are here to assist you in whatever your objectives. Be they onshore, offshore.

Investment Management

Tailored investments to return highest possible level for your volatility appetite. Reduced charges, increased gains, transparent.


There are a multitude of insurances available – let us help you navigate the different policy types and clauses to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Estate Management

We assist clients in finding the perfect tax shelters for their assets, locally & offshore. Often as a Trust, a Foundation or a Company.


Ivory Wealth Management works with a number of Foreign Exchange providers who can assist with transferring money locally, abroad and off-shore.

Holistic Financial Planning

Many people neglect to plan for retirement, to adequately insure themselves, write a basic will or indeed simply manage their income and outgoings throughout their lives, or to adequately prepare for their life’s goals.

We offer a complete financial planning service for clients who want a trusted, qualified advisor for guide them through the obstacles they might encounter in their own lifetime, and also plan effectively to the benefit of their families for years to come.

We guarantee to offer the most cost effective solutions on the market. The reason we can state this clearly, is that we charge a fee upfront and a fixed monthly charge. For this you will get advice on any product in the market and be charged commission free rates.

Why is this better?

Simply put, you know exactly what your outgoings are and you can rest in the comfort that your investment returns aren’t affected by high hidden costs.

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