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At Ivory Wealth Management we can provide you with a completely UNIQUE method to manage your assets. Your funds are invested in a fully diversified portfolio of asset classes and managed daily, often utilising the professional asset managers of Truestone Capital.

For the risk level you are comfortable with we provide you with the mathematically calculated ‘optimal level’ of return i.e. the best return you can achieve for the level of risk you are prepared to accept.

We define the expected return AT OUTSET with you, so that you know what you can expect to receive at the end of your investment time frame. This means you can plan properly for life’s big events like; buying your first home, school fees planning or retirement.

We offer portfolios ranging from Cash equivalent levels of risk, to much more volatile levels which obviously confer a higher return over the long term.

Our mantra when it comes to Investment management is that you, the client, should be able to completely understand what you are investing in, it should perform at the highest possible level for your appetite and everything should be transparent and in accordance with YOUR INTERESTS.


Discretionary Investment

In the offshore space, we utilise the discretionary portfolio management services of Truestone Capital. Locally we work with a number of onshore DFM’s. Either jurisdiction can provide a range of managed solutions.

These solutions include;

      • Passive Strategies – investing in Exchange Traded Funds’s (ETF’s) and automatically rebalanced to take profits in growing markets and invest in falling markets.
      • Multi-Manager Strategies – This solution provides a portfolio of Mutual Funds (Collectives or Unit Trusts) and the allocation to each of the chosen managers is managed to optimize returns
      • Bespoke Investment Management – For those clients who want a dedicated manager to compile a specifically tailored portfolio to their individual requirements.
Advisory Investment

We can access the products and services of a range of boutique investment houses as well as those offered by the large Multi-National finance houses.

When working on an advisory basis we would work with our clients to gauge your attitude to different types of investment structure, time frame, liquidity and return profiles. These can often include both traditional and non-traditional investment types.

When working on an advisory basis we will liaise with our client before making any investment decision, ensuring you are completely informed and ‘in the driving seat’ regarding the ultimate decisions.

Regular Savings

If you wish to save on a regular basis we have a number of options and solutions available to you, both locally and offshore.

You can contribute in a multitude of currencies and in a vast array of investment areas.

We can work together with you to structure your investments so that they are in the most tax efficient vehicle, which will improve investment returns over the duration of your savings, ensuring you reach your savings goals more quickly.