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Group Pensions Overview

We assist employers and entrepreneurs to select the correct pension scheme for their staff and business from the whole South African market place.

We guide and inform throughout the process and assist in the creation and selection of an appropriate asset management solution for the scheme.

We treat each and every business as a unique client and we commit to provide only the highest level of professional service.

Our services include;

  • Independent Administrator Relationships
  • Provision of Independent Guidance and advice on administrator selection and underlying fund selection relative to the demographics of the fund
  • Ensure the administrator of your scheme adheres to stringent Service Level Agreements
  • Assessment of the risk element of your chosen provider to ensure their costs and benefits are consistent with those offered in the market place
  • Advice and guidance on Risk Benefit Structure
  • Investment Strategy recommendations from Chartered Wealth Manager
  • Regular reports on investment returns
  • Full Qualified Financial Advisory Service offered to members
  • Guidance provision to leaving, resigning, retiring or retrenched members
International Corporate Pensions

These schemes are appropriate for companies who have a number of Ex-Patriate employees and are easy to set up and administer. These schemes can provide employees with a tax efficient and cost effective savings vehicle whilst they are working abroad and earning in different currencies

Features of these schemes include;

  • Ability to transfer existing assets into the scheme
  • Assets grow free of tax and benefits delivered free of tax in some jurisdictions, such as South Africa
  • Able to provide a cross-border retirement solution for expatriate employees
  • Specific compliance with UAE Gratuity law
  • Provide cash-out or transfers to suitable pensions schemes if required
  • Very cost effective to create and administer
  • Specie transfers permitted
  • Flexibility of Investment types allowed within the scheme
  • Freedom of investment choice by appointed advisor
  • No Compulsory Annuity purchase required
  • Benefits of Third Party oversight and management
  • Domiciled on the Isle of Man, a highly regulated and secure environment