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About Ivory Wealth Management

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About Us

Ivory Wealth Management was formed to provide local and international clients with honest, professional service rendered by qualified staff. We often inherit clients who have been misadvised and find themselves holding structures they don’t understand with layer upon layer of unnecessary charges.

Our aim is to ensure that you receive the correct advice, benefit from clearly disclosed charges, and experience only the best levels of service and advice. Our entire philosophy is to put you first and provide you with the optimal solution for your needs.

What we do

Ivory Wealth Management was formed to provide clients with an ethical and professional service. The offshore investment industry has unfortunately been saturated with firms offering very expensive and inappropriate products often sold by unqualified, inexperienced ‘advisors’.

Ivory Wealth Management provides a fee-based service to those clients who would otherwise be preyed upon by such unscrupulous operators. We aim to make all charges transparent, so that the client can rest assured that they are the priority in our advisory process.

Our People

Each of our advisors is either qualified as a Chartered Wealth Manager (Chartered FCSI) or a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), or they are under supervision to achieve this status. Therefore, you can rest assured on receiving the only the best solution, as all advice is approved by a qualified professional.

The founder of Ivory Wealth, Andrew Holland, holds a BComm (Hons) from the University of Edinburgh and trained as a Chartered Accountant before becoming both a CFP holder and a Chartered Wealth Manager.

Andrew is intrinsically involved in the advice and investment methodology used by Ivory Wealth and is also the Chief Investment Officer for Truestone Capital.  Andrew is available to any client of Ivory Wealth at any time.

Our values

The name Ivory Wealth Management was decided upon after considering the values and ethos we wanted to stand for, and a philosophy we could be proud of.

So what are those values?

PATIENCE – it takes a long time to get the kind of results necessary to achieve ones goals. Equally it takes consistent, professional service to become a trusted family advisor, which is the status we are aiming for.

STRENGTH – Is a quality required to stand by your advice and your clients in turbulent markets and uncertain times. Having the resolve to stay the course and stick to the plan usually

HONOUR – acting honourably in all of our dealings, from service delivery to transparency in charges, we commit to provide an honest professional solution of which we can be proud

STABILITY – When considering advising a client an advisor or manager needs to be mindful of the risks associated with the investment or service being offered. Mitigating risk improves returns in the long term.

These words are so effectively embodied in the symbol of the Elephant, that we decided to name the company Ivory Wealth Management, and make its image our logo.

We hope you find our values compelling enough to become a client.